Saturday, June 24, 2017

First Solo Show - April 21, 2017

It's hard to believe that two months have passed already since the Opening Reception of my first Solo Art Exhibition. It was an incredibly exciting and rewarding experience for me . . . Long time friends that I hadn't seen in ages showed up, including a woman I graduated high school with!! I don't want to mention how many years ago that was . . . The attendance was small but I was blessed to sell 3 pictures !!! Now that was thrilling !!! I just realized that while I had posted several times in anticipation of the event . . . I completely forgot to post the photos from the event itself . . . So, here we go . . .

Opening Performance by VSA's SpotLighters

Holly Teruggi, VSA Visual Arts Program Coordinator and Me

Long-time friend Ken Loewit and Me

Long-time friends Roz Sedacca (L) Maya Malay (R) with Me in the middle

Two of the pieces that sold were in this grouping . . . the bottom center "The Hand of God" and the lower right "The Magical Mystical Bubble Tree" went to the same forever home!!
The picture on the center pedestal "Turning Funky Town On It's Ear" . . . also left for its forever home when the show came down.  

Well folks, as they say "That's All She Wrote!!"

Believe it or not, another Solo Show is coming up in about 4 weeks time. Stay tuned for further details!!!

There has been a number of new pieces since the show . . . You can see them at . . .

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