About Susan

Susan Schanerman is a multi-talented writer, artist, coach and educator. For more than 25 years, she has enjoyed success as a coach, speaker, and seminar leader helping scores of people open their minds to new and unlimited, ways of thinking and being. 

It is one of her creative gifts to leave her audiences stimulated, motivated and inspired … to proceed with their personal, professional and creative development. Susan is a dynamic and gifted individual who will stimulate not only the mind, but the heart and spirit, as well.

Having faced the crippling impact of polio at the age of 7, Susan knows, as few others can, the life-long struggle of living with physical challenges. "I was a normal kid one minute and then BOOM, I never was again!

I recently read about a man who lost both legs and one arm in Vietnam and he told of how the physical recovery came first ... the mental and emotional scars were actually much deeper and took much longer to deal with ... 

For me, it's taken a lifetime

Susan's personal story of triumph over adversity, limitation, fear and self-doubt combined with her voracious thirst for knowledge and appetite for understanding demonstrate to an exceptional degree the true power of faith, determination and the invincibility of the creative human spirit.
For most of my life, I asked myself why did I end up with the life I did?  So much struggle … pain … sadness … isolation … and the only thing that ever made any sense to me was that I could use my life as an example … a “shining” example, if you will,  to inspire others, those more and less fortunate than me … and so here’s what I know… 

We can each be a star in our own lives … if only we believe we can … We all have the capacity to move past our obstacles and challenges … whether physical or emotional … obvious or hidden … and achieve the goals and dreams of out hearts … It is actually our Divine Right and Responsibility to play that starring role … and to shine …  however …  wherever … whenever we can … We owe it to ourselves and to those we can inspire …”

Susan brings a unique and heartfelt sensitivity and wisdom to all of her work. She captivates her audiences with her memorable stories, profound insight and humorous style of delivery.  

She is the author of two books. Play or Pay: 77 Ways to Have FUN or Suffer the Consequences and End up Paying the Price is  a humorous guide for living a more creative and fun-filled life. God is Color introduces young children to God, color and the uniqueness of each of us. 

Her articles have been published nationally. Her artwork has been displayed at bookstores and galleries.  She has also produced musical events, commercials, infomercials and a play.

Susan graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a B.A. in psychology and from William Paterson University with an M. Ed. in counseling/psychology.  She has extensive business experience and has built and run two successful businesses.

Born and raised in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, she lived in South Florida for almost 30 years. She now lives outside of Atlanta near her family … son Jason, daughter-in-law Jodi and granddaughter, Jaylynn Rose, “the greatest joy I have ever known!"

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