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In life, we will meet Straw People, Wood People and on a few occasions . . . people like Susan Schanerman who have the ability to inspire us.”
- - Robert Roots, Motivational Speaker/Author of Prepare for the Wolf: “Success Secrets from The Three Little Pigs

Susan’s creative bag of tricks combined with her artistic playful spirit have led me to experience endless possibilities for uncovering my authentic self.  She brings humor, lightheartedness and boldness that empower me to stretch my imagination and believe I can attain my dreams.  Susan is an invaluable coach that will take you on an exciting journey to cast your magic to the world.”

When I look at Susan's work, I am inspired to be creative.
- - Yvonne Osuna, Spirit Dancer and founder of Artique

"When I listen to Susan speak or read what she has written, I am carried to that special place inside of me where I know the truth, and I am set free."
- - Mary Burkins, Educator, Social Worker and Parent

"Her knowledge of the material that she is presenting comes across to her audience in an inviting, though- provoking and practical way.  I have always... come away with something to reflect on that is useful in my life." 
- - Paula Forshee

"... An excellent teacher that not only believes in her philosophy, but lives it and breathes it every day.  Susan is a very gifted person who makes learning and absorbing almost effortless.  She's clear and definitive and ... teaches with her heart..."     
- - Toni Reeder, Realtor

"Susan helped me to see that being a blocked creative person is about more than just art, for art's sake.  Blockages affect all areas of a person’s life.
- - John Hacker

"I always wanted to write, but I did not know if I had any talent.  As a result of taking Susan's classes... I have been inspired to write poems.  As of today, I have written eight poems, which people seem to like.  She is very enthusiastic and gives a lot of encouragement to the students...  She absolutely loves what she does."                        
- - Luisa Simo, workshop attendee

"It was wonderful to have you present your CreativeSuccessWorks workshop as part of the Florida Center for the Book Writers Workshop Series at the Broward County Main Library.  The workshop was very well received by those who attended and it was such a pleasure to work with you.

Workshops such as yours allow us to provide an important service to our patrons and the writers in our community at large.  I look forward to working with you in the future." 
- - Tara Zimmerman, Literary Events Coordinator
Florida Center for the Book -- an Affiliate of the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress

"... an excellent writer...
- - Marie Papa, Marketing and Advertising Consultant

"You're poems are personal and beautiful and really touch the heart.  There is a deep universal and spiritual quality... you have a wonderful ability with words and metaphors.... let me know when you start your story.  It could be a great inspiration to others to get going with their lives and that would be a wonderful service to humanity." 
- - Genevieve Painter, Ed.D.  Honolulu, Hawaii

You are an inspiration to people ... and your blog is FABULOSO!
- - Sheryl Brown, Artist

"Thanks for all your creative inspiration.
- - Mark David Gerson

Just had a quick scoot about your blog. Love your posts. HeARTmatters is such a great concept.”
- - Julie Anderson

I love the heart artwork ... Your blog is great.”
- - John Bothwell

Ahhh - - Susan,What a breath of fresh air you are ... I love your sites and had a blast reading your blog…
- - Tuck Self

…Read your blog yesterday … good stuff indeed. Keep contributing to the world in your own unique way … We need everyone living in full self-expression ...  always great to connect with someone dedicated to empowering the human spirit.”
- - Keith O’Brien

 “…I felt super positive energy reading how you describe your work…It’s so great to experience that!..Thank you for connecting and for the inspiration you share through the words on your website ...  “I love the spirit you’ve infused into this group through what you’ve written and drawn. It feels really good.”
- - Colleen McGunnigle

I love your art … !
 - - Mike Benoit

Susan, I love your Play or Pay book. So sweet!!
 - - Gayle Etcheverry

…I love what you do and I love your website. So happy and heARTful. I LOVE THAT!”
 - - Greg Halpern

Thank you for inspiring hearts.”
- - Sara Bailey

Susan, Thank you for all you do. You are an inspiration.”
 - - Lisa Ann Bonfiglio
" I honor the divine expressed through you and see the talented light you are. Thank you for being true to your self and serving others! It is awesome that you have taken your own life experiences and translated them into an inspiration to people.” 
- -Kendra Thornbury

 "Thanks for inspiring!"
- - Becky Cortino


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